Your membership details & application/renewal form for the GGGS in the UK for 2024/2025 (to expire 31/03/2025)

ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE DUE, AND ARE RENEWABLE ON 1st APRIL EACH YEAR  (memberships not renewed by 1st June will be considered lapsed)

New Member                                £16.00 plus 75p if paid by Paypal

Renewal                                        £15.00 plus 75p if paid by Paypal

Partner (voting)                             £2.00

Junior member (non-voting)        £1.00

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Partners Name (if applicable)
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By making the above personal information available to the Golden Guernsey Goat Society (name, address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address), it is on the understanding that you are giving permission for it to be stored electronically, printed and shared with Golden Guernsey Goat Society Members. This also applies to any information given about numbers of goats in your herd and males for inclusion in the Stud Register. Information may also be shared with the British Goat Society and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, but will not be sold on or used for any other purpose. If you need further clarification, or are unable to agree with this statement, please contact the Treasurer/Membership Secretary on

If you are interested in breeding a particular bloodline, please indicate which one here.

For statistical purposes, please complete the grid below by entering the TOTAL NUMBER of REGISTERED FEMALE goats in your herd, but the REGISTRATION NUMBERS of your MALES.

GGBGGG or BG Parent
Adult Females
Female Kids
Adult Males (entire and bucklings)
Male Kids (entire)

Will you have or are likely to have one or more males available for public STUD? YES NO

If YES, enter the prefix, name, registration number and date of birth of the male, with its sire and dam, in the space below. If details are not currently available they can be provided at any time. If more than two, please email the Membership Secretary with the details of the additional males.

Males will be assumed to be standing at the address as above.

1stStud Goat SireDam
Registration Number
Date of Birth (xx/xx/xxxx)

2ndStud Goat SireDam
Registration Number
Date of Birth (xx/xx/xxxx)

Additional comments (if any)

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After pressing 'Send', you will be taken to a page giving the option of paying by cheque or Paypal (which will include an additional 75p admin fee). If not paying by Paypal or paying on behalf of someone else, please say so in the "Additional comments" box above. If you have any problems with the link to Paypal, please email to advise her.

When the payment has cleared, you will receive an email inviting you to join the Members' Group with your unique User name and Password. Please do not attempt to join before you receive this, as it will fail our validation process and be rejected.

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